Committees & Task Forces

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For more information on our organizational structure, please review the section below.

Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

There are ten directors. These include:

  • the President, who is elected annually in an internal election amongst the Board members  is responsible for presiding at all meetings of the society and of the directors;
  • the Vice President,  also elected annually through an internal election and shall carry out the duties of the President during his/her absence;
  • the Treasurer, who is elected internally amongst the board, and is responsible for rendering financial statements to the directors, members and others when required. In compliance with the Society Act;
  • the Secretary, who is elected annually in an internal election amongst Board members, shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the correspondence, minutes, records and documents of the society.

Each committee is supposed to have a member of the Board, with few exceptions (e.g. the Awards committee). The Board is supposed to meet regularly throughout the fiscal membership year with a summer break. These meeting dates are determined by mutual agreement amongst the Board Members. Board member terms of office are three years. Each Board member/Committee chair is required to submit an annual report for the Annual General Meeting.

To find out more about our current directors, please visit this page.

Executive Director (ED)

The ED reports to the Board of Directors. They are responsible for the operations and administration of the whole Association, and they are also the publisher of the Association’s  quarterly journal, the BC Psychologist. They are the primary staff contact and liaison with the committees and the Board.