Dr. Janice Stuart

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427A - 470 Granville St.
Vancouver, V6C 1V5
Phone (Work): 604 724 4255
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 Why is it so hard to get to the root - 
be it anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues?

Here’s the deal – The brain and nervous system play a huge role in how we function. The brain actually has many discernable parts. Often we’re trying to use our thinking brain to solve a problem that developed in a different area.

So it's just not possible to think your way out of the problem!

Think of it as stretching your arm in an attempt to relieve the muscle cramp in your leg. You might be able to distract yourself from the leg cramp but it quickly returns – often feeling worse from being ignored.

To resolve issues it’s necessary to work with many areas of your brain and nervous system.

A holistic approach gets to the source of the problem and provides a deeper, long-lasting solution.

That’s where I can help...

My approach to counselling is holistic and integrated. I incorporate mind-body interactions that take into account your unique way of processing. I work with responses in your thinking brain as well patterned responses that keep you stuck.

If you’re ready to move forward, visit my website at https://drjanicestuart.com or call me at 604-724-4255 to discuss how we might work together to create the life you want.


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Primary Areas of Practice

Adult Treatment

PTSD/Adult Trauma
Anxiety Disorders - Other
Social Phobia
Panic Disorder
Anger Management
Spiritual Issues
Life Coaching
Stress Management

Client Considerations

Emergency Service Personnel and Families
Low-income individuals or families
Older Adults

Approaches used:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Self-Regulation Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy