A Message from the BCPA Board in the Wake of the New Zealand Attack

A Message from the BCPA Board in the Wake of the New Zealand Attack

BCPA wishes to express its deepest sympathy to all those affected by the recent vicious attack on the Muslim community of Christchurch, New Zealand.  

We abhor violence and feel for all victims of hate no matter the religion, politics, race, age, gender or sexual orientation of the victims.  This latest violence and the tens of thousands of other mass shootings and terrorist attacks in this century is a grievous injury to the local communities and to all people’s values of security, tolerance and non-violence.

Terrorist attacks and mass shootings around the world are occurring far too frequently and threaten all societies and peoples. According to one count, at least 18,753 terrorist attacks occurred from 2006 to 2017 resulting in hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide.  

BCPA wishes to express solidarity with all those who oppose these acts of hatred, racism, and terrorism. As psychologists, we urge our colleagues, and all associated professionals, to contribute to the development of evidence based approaches toward prevention of these heinous acts, as well as compassionate, effective treatment for those victimized. 

Studies of outside perpetrators, home grown terrorists and people who perform mass shootings can assist us in finding means for early identification and early interventions. Psychological research can inform government policies around educational programs that foster empathy and connection, enacting and enforcing laws that make the precursors to violent acts illegal (e.g., posting hateful and threatening messages on social media) and the benefits of responsible gun control. 

BCPA urges all qualified psychologists to be available to support people in BC affected by the recent mass shootings in New Zealand, India, Africa, and around the world, and to be at the ready for an expeditious response to any such events that may occur in the future.

For online information and support, please see the list from the American Psychological Association:





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