Dr. Erika Horwitz Honours Dr. Andrea Kowaz at CPBC's Final AGM and Outlines BCPA's Future Role Post-Amalgamation

By Alejandra Silvera posted 30 days ago


On May 30th, the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (CPBC) held its final Annual General Meeting (AGM). It was a significant event, marking the last AGM before the College's dissolution and its amalgamation with other professional colleges. The AGM was a mixed format, accommodating both in-person and virtual attendance. Physical venues were arranged at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre campus and the University of Victoria, linked together for a unified experience.

During the event, Dr. Erika Horwitz, the president of the Board of Directors at the BC Psychological Association (BCPA), delivered a heartfelt address. Erika paid tribute to Dr. Andrea Kowaz, CPBC Registrar, for her exceptional leadership and contributions over the years. Dr. Kowaz  has been instrumental in establishing and steering the College of Psychologists, earning respect and admiration from registered psychologists across the province. 

As a token of appreciation, Erika, on behalf of BCPA, presented Dr. Kowaz with a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her outstanding service to the profession and the public. Erika concluded by celebrating Dr. Kowaz’s success, attributing it to her sincere effort, strategic direction, and commitment to excellence.


BCPA’s Role Post-Amalgamation

Erika also highlighted the impending dissolution of the College and the amalgamation with other colleges. She stressed the necessity for the psychology community to remain engaged and maintain their professional identity and ethical standards and announced that BCPA aims to continue to enhance and amplify our efforts to serve and support psychologists in British Columbia.

Post-dissolution, BCPA will be the largest organization representing psychologists in the province. Erika emphasized the need for input from psychologists to understand their needs and collaboratively grow a robust and supportive association.


Shaping the Future

As a final remark, Erika encouraged all psychologists to engage with BCPA, join our membership, and actively participate in shaping the future of health and well-being in BC.