When Sex Gets Complicated: Innovative Approaches to Infidelity, Pornography, & "Dysfunction"

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Workshop presented by Dr. Marty Klein

Sponsored by Chuck Jung Associates

Date: Friday, October 19th, 2018
Time: 8:30AM-4:30PM
Location: University Golf Club House (5185 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC)

Registration Deadline: October 15, 2018

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About the Workshop:

DSM-5 (a) avoids defining addiction (referring only to
the generic “Substance Use Disorders”), (b) includes the
following degrees of such disorders — mild, moderate, and
severe, (c) expands the “addiction” umbrella for the first time
to include non-substance (behavioral) addictions, beginning
with gambling, (d) suggests the likelihood that other such
addictions will soon be added (e.g., Internet, videos, sex,
eating/obesity), (e) fields claims from important psychiatric
figures that this document is not sufficiently rooted in
neuroscience. Psychologists must be prepared for a new
— but shifting — concept of addiction, so as to be true
to psychological theory and evidence-based techniques,
responsive to the range of clinical addictive problems clients
may present, and make use of the soundest scientific
concepts. Stanton Peele’s workshop will address these

Many of our patients are in pain about a range of sexual issues, including loss of desire, lack of orgasm, unreliable erections, and the inability to enjoy sex. This is difficult enough, but patients’ shame, anxiety, confusion, and withdrawal often cause even more pain than the sexual problems themselves. 

Patients’ narratives about sex, “men,” “women,” their partner, or themselves can be especially damaging. When these narratives fit within cultural norms,  challenging them effectively can be extremely difficult.

When individuals or couples present with infidelity, conflict about pornography, or a traditional sexual “dysfunction” (or all of these), they experience sexuality as complicated. Overwhelming. Difficult to understand. 

We can make sex less complicated for people. 

Our job is to help people see their narratives and consider alternatives; help people communicate their lived experience to their partner, despite their own self-criticism; help people accept the truth of their partner’s experience, managing their own reactions to it; and help people envision what authentic sexual expression might look like, and to negotiate possibilities.

Using insights from psychology, sociology, sexology, linguistics, history, and art, Dr. Marty Klein will show us innovative ways to empower people—to help them accept themselves and each other, communicate their feelings productively, and negotiate and keep agreements.

Marty will also show how, with that necessary infrastructure in place, he helps individuals and couples develop more satisfying sexual relationships and experiences.

And with his well-known humor, this master clinician will keep us laughing while we learn.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the power dynamics typically involved in couples struggling with infidelity
  2. List common assumptions therapists hold about sexuality that can undermine treatment
  3. Assess and explain patients’ narratives and their impact on decision-making and relationships 
  4. Describe the inadequacies of the sex/porn addiction model
  5. List the actual impacts of pornography use on individuals and couples
  6. Describe and use the Sexual Intelligence approach® in treating sexual difficulties

About the Presenter:

Dr. Marty Klein has been a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 35 years, working with men, women, and couples. 

Marty is the award-winning author of seven books on sexuality and relationships, including the ground-breaking Sexual Intelligence. Psychology Today simply says “To improve your sex life, buy this book.” His newest book is His Porn, Her Pain: Confronting America’s PornPanic With Honest Talk About Sex. 

Marty is an expert witness and consultant in U.S. state, federal, and international court cases. He recently gave two Congressional briefings on evidence-based sex education. 

Marty is frequently quoted by popular media such as The New York Times, National Public Radio, and The Daily Show. Marty’s blog is frequently cited as a source of innovative thinking about sexuality, culture, politics, and the media.

Marty has given over one thousand keynote lectures, training workshops, and other programs across North America and in over 30 other countries. Audiences invariably describe his presentations as thought-provoking, practical, and entertaining.

This course is worth 6 CPA Continuing Education Credits.


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October 19th, 2018 8:30 AM   through   4:30 PM
University Golf Club
5185 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6T 1X5
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