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A passion for life can fight the blues:

 The dangers of using an unlicenced therapist

Mindfulness Intensive and Professional Training
Police psychologist Dr. Mike Webster, R.Psych., looks at the moral reasoning and other factors behind the 2011 Vancouver riot.
Professor Ervin Staub, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, suggests that a drop in testosterone following the loss of one's team (or even one's party in an election) can make people feel “significantly more unhappy, submiss
The CBC's Nancy Wood brings us the results of her investigation into the psychological problems Canadian soldiers are experiencing whe
A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology reported that a number of bullying behaviours are becoming increasingly more frequent in the workplace.
Television Premiere Wednesday January 26 at 10pm ET and PT on CBC's The Passionate Eye
The Current's guest host Steven Page interviews celebrities on the theme of mental health. This program is part of CBC's LIve Right Now campaign.
A documentary soon to be shown on CBC Doc Zone, Thoroughly Modern Marriage,  looks at the impact of love and marriage on society...
The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. Registered Psychologist and BCPA Board member Dr.
Statistics Canada recently released a report on the leading causes of death in Canada.
One of the Directors of the BC Psychological Association, Dr. Joti Samra, has recently started answering mental health questions from the public in a new column in The Globe and Mail, called Ask a Psychologist.
A study conducted by Chris Dula, associate professor of psychology at East Tennessee State University, shows the effect of anxiety on driving.
This online discussion with Dr. Mathews is part of The Globe' series on "failing boys". Statistics show that boys and young men have been falling behind in terms of academic achievement when compared to girls and young women. Dr.
This is the question being addressed by a six-part series published by The Globe and Mail. Part 3 of this series discusses how more than two million boys below the age of seventeen are being prescribed drugs for ADHD.
A perfect legal storm is brewing for Canadian employers who inflict mental injury upon their employees, said Martin Shain, a lawyer and researcher who prepared a report for the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

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