Clinician, Child and Youth Mental Health

MInistry of Children and Family Development

Ministry of Children and Family Development
Campbell River

Clinician, Child and Youth Mental Health

SPO MH 25: $68,546.51 - $78,183.63 annually plus 1-Grid Temporary Market Adjustment
Nurse: $73,874.72 - $93,685.11 annually
Licensed Psychologist: $80,638.63 - $101,367.89 annually

An integral member of a multi-disciplinary Community Mental Health Team, you provide a range of mental health services to children, youth and their families, when the child or youth is suffering from serious emotional, psychological, behavioral or psychiatric illness.

As a Clinician, you provide direct clinical services such as intake, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and crisis intervention for children, youth, and their families. Consulting with community agencies, schools, hospitals, and other ministry programs, you understand the importance of being involved in community education, development, coordination, and prevention/early intervention programs. You build and maintain relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders in the community to ensure that conflicts are resolved, and appropriate outcomes are achieved.

There are three opportunities to apply on:

Social Program Officer (CYMH) 25 - Clinician, CYMH
Nurse (C) 7 - Clinician, CYMH
Licensed Psychologist 5A - Clinician, CYMH

For more information, a complete list of qualifications, and to apply online by December 1, 2021, please go to:





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