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The BCPA has a range of advertising opportunities to fit large and small marketing budgets. Our printed and online options reach over 1000 psychologists and beyond. 


We'd like to inform you about some significant changes to our advertising services at the BCPA, effective from September 7, 2023.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we have thoughtfully evaluated our advertising offerings and pricing. These updates encompass tier adjustments for the eBlast, a wider range of opportunities on our new website posts, and revised pricing for advertising in the BC Psychologist journal. These changes' aim is to enhance visibility for our advertisers while ensuring the sustainability of our services. 

I. The eBlast

Each Monday, we send an email to our members containing Association updates & announcements and paid advertising such as training and job postings. Our E-blast has a reach of over 1100 psychologists, students, and professors in BC.

Presenting our standout advertising service. It represents 75% of all bookings. We are introducing a fresh advertising tier, catering to those seeking the prime advertising spotlight.


II. Web & Social Media Postings

Our new website offers a unique opportunity to expand your brand's reach and connect with a broader audience. With diverse advertising options tailored to various content categories, you can effectively target your desired audience. Additionally, we provide job postings on LinkedIn, ensuring you reach professionals and potential customers within your niche.


III. BC Psychologist Journal

The BC Psychologist journal: We publish 2 peer-reviewed journals each year, in the Fall and the Spring. All members have access to the digital version. 


IV. Bundles available!

  1. Book a combination of 3 services and receive a 15% discount on the less expensive item.
  2. Book a combination of 3 services and receive a 25% discount on the less expensive item.
  3. Book 5 eBlast inserts and receive an 18% discount on a web post.
    1. Book 3 eBlast inserts and receive an 18% discount on a journal advertisement.
      1. Book a 3-month web post and receive a 20% discount on 1 eBlast insert.
        1. Book 2 journal inserts and receive 1 free eBlast insert.


        ...ready to book?

        Click the button that corresponds to your status (BCPA member or non-member), and we will promptly respond via email. To submit the content for your advertisement, please send the materials to
        Please be aware that the advertising booking form includes fees and a link to the terms and conditions. Complete the form, and we will also reach out to you shortly via email.


        Interested in sponsoring a BCPA event?

        Sponsor a professional development workshop to grow your brand while demonstrating your commitment to lifelong learning.

        • Build your brand awareness;
        • Meet potential customers/clients;
        • Increase your website and social media traffic;
        • Align with our values.


        BCPA Advertising Policy

        The publication of any notice of events, or advertisement, is neither an endorsement of the advertiser, nor of the products or services advertised. The BCPA is not responsible for any claim(s) made in an advertisement. Advertisers may not, without prior consent, incorporate in a subsequent advertisement, the fact that a product or service had been advertised in a BCPA publication or through the BCPA electronic media. The acceptability of an advertisement for publication is based upon legal, social, professional, and ethical considerations. BCPA reserves the right to unilaterally reject, omit or cancel advertising.

        Advertising terms & conditions

        It's important to note that the revenue generated from advertising supports our nonprofit operations, advances community advocacy, and propels the field of psychology forward. Your partnership not only showcases your brand but also supports our mission to effect positive change.