Meet our team

Laura Darch, BSc

Laura's journey has been one of purpose and community. Growing up in Ottawa instilled in her a sense of responsibility and service, values she carried into her adulthood. Moving to Vancouver for her Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia marked the beginning of her academic and professional pursuits.

In her 13-year tenure within the non-profit sector, Laura's dedication to making a difference shone through. Whether advocating for health initiatives, social services, or educational programs, she consistently demonstrated leadership and commitment to the causes she believed in.

Her most recent roles in leadership showcased her ability to guide teams towards greater impact and strategic success. Through her collaborative approach, she fosters environments where innovation and growth thrived, ultimately benefiting the communities she serves.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura finds solace and joy in the natural beauty of Squamish, where she lives with her family. The mountains offer her a sense of grounding and perspective, while her yoga practice provides balance and wellness in her life.

Joining the BC Psychological Association as Operations Manager reflects Laura’s unwavering passion for health and well-being. With her diverse experience and dedication to service, she contributes meaningfully to our mission, while making a positive impact in support of our membership.


Shital Kaur, BA, DCA, MBA
Shital has been with BCPA since 2022. She holds a Master's in Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver. She completed her Bachelor's in Applied Psychology with Honours, with a major in Organizational Behaviour from the University of Delhi, India. She currently serves as the President of the Alumni Association of the New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver. She has previously worked as a Program Head in India, where she created and managed cultural and spiritual events. She volunteers as a mentor for a non-profit in India, counseling children in Orphanages.

Fun fact about her, she is multi-lingual and speaks 5 languages. She is a professional dancer and freelance makeup artist in her spare time. When she is not at the office, you can find her walking the scenic routes of Vancouver.


Alejandra Silvera, BA
Alejandra has been with the BCPA since 2020. She is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in communication, for mental health services and non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication from the Universidad de la República (Uruguay), where she specialized in Communication for education organizations & local communities, advertising, and documentary film production.

Driven by her passion for social justice, Alejandra actively participated in various humanitarian and educational projects in Uruguay, Spain, Bolivia, and the UK, and in 2017 she relocated to Vancouver, where she shifted her focus to working within mental health services contexts. Over the years, she gained valuable experience in the field, leveraging her communication skills to support individuals struggling with mental health challenges.