Shared Medical Office Space for Rent (West Broadway and Cambie)

Are you a clinical counselor looking for a positive therapy area on a very part-time basis?

777 West Broadway is a first-rate medical building, and we often hear: “This is the nicest office I have ever been in!” 

The new renovations and furnishings give it great energy.  Our full-time support staff rounds out a fantastic team.  

Exam room 1 is perfect for clinical counseling.  It offers multiple areas for patients to settle: a comfy recliner chair or a bed/couch with linens, pillows and throw cushions.  The counsellor can enjoy the comfort of our amenities as well.

Please come and have a look; it is well worth the experience. 

Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are fully available for room 1; also room 3 is a cool space readily suitable for video counselling or 1:1 therapy sessions.

Call (236) 521-4108 or Email us (Stephanie) at and  See for further info!

rooms for rent

rooms for rent

rooms for rent

rooms for rent




Medical office picture


Medical office for rent  image

Medical office for rent  image3

Medical office for rent  image2





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